Case Study – Just Eat

When Just Eat was first formed in 2001 by a group of guys from Denmark, instead of just creating a new company they basically created a new online channel for takeaway food. By simply introducing a new way of bringing a greater selection and accessibility to the takeaway industry, Just Eat has essentially remodeled how restaurants around the world do business with their customers.

Case Study – Coca Cola

Iconic beverage company Coca-Cola has famously kept its secret formula under wraps since its 1886 founding. While the legendary story of the elusive recipe has received a lot of press over the years, the most important driving force behind the global giant’s success is as apparent as its red and white label: Coca-Cola goes above and beyond to keep customers happy. So when Coca-Cola Germany wanted a technology platform to help take customer service to even higher levels, its choice was Salesforce.

Case Study – FCA

Up to 50, 000 consumer credit firms exist across the UK. With that in mind it is up to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to guarantee that all of them engage to be part of a newer much better regulated legitimate scheme. As Victor Raffe, the director of the FCA illustrates “the consumer credit industry is very diverse, and we need a standardised way to capture, present and analyse data – whether it involves payday loan providers and pawnbrokers or credit card issuers and hire purchase firms”